10 YouTube channels for aspiring cosplayers

Watch and learn

One of the best parts of going to any covention is getting to see all of the wonderful cosplays people have created. Sometimes you see someone who looks like they’ve stepped straight out of a videogame, or film, or comic and you think to yourself “wow, I wish I could look like that for a day.” Well, it takes time and effort but you absolutely can with the right person to guide you through it.

To help you make this the year you stop saying you want to do a cosplay and actually do one we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite cosplay tutorial YouTube channels who will help you get your head around the makeup, the wigs, and the outfits. Even if you don’t want to do cosplay, these are seriously fun to watch.

Glam and Gore

Like her channel name suggests, Mykie does tutorials for glamorous and gory makeup looks and you’ll find tutorials for everything from Princess Elsa to infected neon zombies. Beyond makeup, Mykie also covers how to make cool props to go along with your cosplay, like a fake heart for anyone who wants to recreate that Daenerys scene. She’s got an awesome series going just now that has glam and gore Disney Princess looks which is definitely worth checking out.


Cora, behind the channel VintageorTacky, has lots of great makeup tutorials that are perfect for every day wear but her cosplay videos are fantastic. If you need a Disney tutorial, absolutely take a look at her channel.


MangoSirene is a wonderful channel dedicated completely to the world of cosplay. You’ll find everything from convention vlogs, to makeup tutorials, to DIY videos as well as lots of tips and advice for newcomers all hosted by Nina who has nine years of cosplaying experience. This channel puts great emphasis on the fact that cosplay is supposed to be fun and inclusive making the videos a pleasure to watch.

Alexa Poletti

Alexa’s channel isn’t exclusively for cosplay but she has some amazing makeup tutorials for a wide range of characters and if you’re looking on advice on wigs she has a whole series dedicated to wearing and caring for them.

Commander Holly

The above video is a good example of how wonderful Commander Holly’s channel is for those new to cosplay. Her Cosplay Class series has lots of tips and tricks for making props and doing makeup and creating costumes. “Failure is your senpai” might just be our new life motto.

Axceleration Cosplay

Ax’s channel is dedicated to cosplay and is perfect for those already involved in the hobby or complete beginners. Ax says her life pretty much revolves around cosplay, making costumes and attending conventions so, yeah, we’d say her tutorials are good. She does Q&A videos on a variety of topics, makeup tutorials, prop creation tutorials, sewing tutorials, costume creation tutorials. This channel is a one stop shop for all your cosplay advice needs.


Threadbanger is a channel with a lot of different content but Corinne’s cosplay costume tutorials are always worth watching particularly as she keeps things simple.


KMnomokis’ channel hasn’t been active in a while but she has some great makeup cosplay tutorials for you to scroll through and if you’ve ever wanted to transform yourself into the God of Mischief Loki, she’s the YouTuber you want to look to.


Anime fan? This is the cosplay channel for you. zWinnieYap is a channel with a focus on eye makeup tutorials for lots of different anime shows including Attack on Titan and Hetalia. Even if you’re not interested in anime cosplay, these videos are truly relaxing to watch and it’s pretty clear Winnie is extremely talented.


Madeyewlook is one of the best makeup tutorial channels around and makeup artist Lex has over 50 videos dedicated to TV, movie, and videogame characters for your perusal. Plus, with a new video every week it’s highly likely you’re going to find a tutorial that suits your needs. Need some tips on body and facepaint? Look no further.

Now you have a video library of tips, tricks and tutorials at your disposal it’s time to create. We can’t wait to see who you become!