A fan is developing a Pokémon game for adults

Don't worry, it's safe for work

As an adult woman who jumps on every new Pokémon game and every piece of news like Muk on Professor Oak I can firmly say that Pokémon is not just for kids. That, however, doesn’t make me blind to the fact that it clearly wasn’t created with adult me in mind, it was created with the 6 year old Emma that used to sit in front of the television watching the series as she sorted through her piles of trading cards. Pokémon has many adult fans, but the titles don’t just cater to them, it’s an all-ages experience.

One fan, though, has decided to create their own Pokémon game that’s specifically for older fans. Called Pokémon Apex, the game has been created in RPG Maker XP and has been in development since 2014. The developer Nate says it’s being “developed with an adult Pokémon fan in mind.” Fortunately this doesn’t mean we’re going to be seeing any not safe for work content, but it does mean some more adult dialogue that will include swearing, some mild horror elements, as well as more adult themes such as death and abandonment (although we have to say Cubone’s Pokedex entry in the original games touches on themes such as this in its own way).

The game will also put an emphasis on strategy and have players make difficult conscientious choices when it comes to their team. Players who like to be meticulous in their exploration will be happy to see Pokémon Apex will reward this behaviour, with lots of hidden areas and secret items to find.

Pokémon Apex’s story has players take up the role of a high school student living in Nascene City who is one day unexpectedly transported to a world filled with creatures called Pokémon and a cult intent on destroying the Pokémon world as well as your own. Something a little different then.

Even more different is the gameplay; according to the developer “aside from basic gameplay mechanics, forget everything you know about Pokémon games.” There are still battles, of course, but say goodbye to gym battles and say hello to progression through area unlocking, multiple storylines, and sidequests.

Pokémon Apex isn’t complete yet but it’s far enough into the development process that you can download it to play here. The game is visually great and playing a Pokémon title with a shaken up formula is certainly a nice change of pace.