6 things we want this week

We don't just want it, we NEED it

You’ve had a hard week and although retail therapy sounds great, you’re not sure you have the time or energy to trawl through all of your favourite online stores. The Gadgette team is here to help. Here are the 6 things we want most this week.

Editor Holly

Nintendo skater dress

OK, I’m cheating a bit here because I did actually buy this dress this week. But it hasn’t arrived yet and I am faaaaar too excited.

I intend to wear it to Marioke, because if there’s anything that makes a videogame karaoke event even more nerdy, it’s turning up in appropriately-themed clothing.

My mum says I’m cool.

£31.99 from TruffleShuffle


I’ve had my eye on this since it first appeared on the internet, but it was US-only at the time. It’s a squishy ring you put on your fingers when you’re painting your nails, and it keeps the bottle secure and nearby.

It’s definitely a better idea than my current system of balancing the bottle between my knees and cursing the universe when I get red lacquer on my leggings. It’s a bit expensive, but you can’t put a price on not painting your clothes.

£14.99 from Firebox

Gamer in Chief Emma

Totoro Pillow

Studio Ghibli films have been showing in cinemas everywhere right now so of course seeing My Neighbour Totoro on the big screen has only reignited my love (if it ever actually needed reignited in the first place). I always imagined Totoro would make a super cosy and comfortable pillow – he’s so soft and fluffy! – so this cover design is perfect. I can’t wait to get it, lie back, and munch on some of my special Totoro cupcakes.

£13.22 plus £3.90 from RedBubble

Giant Inflatable Toucan

It says giant inflatable toucan but I’m willing to bet two can’t sit on it! I am so sorry. For some bizarre reason novelty pool inflatables are everywhere this year (something to do with the 90s insisting on making a return?) and I’ve seen everything from giant slices of pizza to a giant oyster shell that no matter how hard I look I just can’t find to actually buy. So I’ll settle for this amazing toucan instead. At first I scoffed but now I’m invested. Even if I don’t take it to the pool, I’ll certainly spend all summer lying on it indoors playing Playstation.

£55 from ASOS

Science Officer Jen

Jurassic Betrayal Sticker

My laptops are usually smothered in stickers but my newest is still disappointingly bare. I wanted to get some geeky mashup art for it so I went straight to Supercuteawesomestuff on Etsy. As usual I found perfect crossovers like Fallout/Zelda and Neko Atsume/Star Wars, but this Jurassic Betrayal sticker jumped out as perfect. I love the instantly recognisable design that anyone can spot as Jurassic Park from a mile away, but with the awesome Firefly twist. JP was my favourite film as a kid and I could see a bit of myself in Wash during Firefly’s pilot.

£2 from Supercuteawesomestuff on Etsy

SHINY t-shirt

Continuing the Firefly crossover theme, I love the iconic NASA logo t-shirts but I see them quite a lot. It would be cool to have something similar but stands out, so why not something more shiny? Teepublic have this cool design that I really want to show my fandom for the show and space agency at the same time! There are lots of colour options and the t-shirts come in various styles including Missy scoop neck and dolman.

Starting at $20.99 (£14.41) including shipping from Teepublic

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