Explore the world of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst with this interactive map

We'd like June 7th to arrive now, thank you

I feel like I’ve been waiting an age for the release of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. Despite its combat flaws I was a big fan of the first installment thanks to the character of Faith and the entrancing game world so I can’t wait to see if and how Catalyst improves on the combat and the experience of free running through the City of Glass. The game’s June 7th release date isn’t too far away now and to gear fans up (and perhaps remind them that, yes, the game is now imminent) there’s an interactive map on the game’s website to explore. Take a look for yourself here.

Exploring the map on the website obviously isn’t as fun as exploring it in the game will be but it certainly increased my excitement to do so. You can take a birds eye view or the city or click and drag yourself down to look through its pristine 3D buildings. As well as this there are some points of interest in one of the city’s districts to click that will give you some more details on parts of the game’s world including people, places, and organisations.

We’re looking forward to exploring the city in greater detail when the game’s released on June 7th, even though we’re not quite sure we’re ready for it to be June just yet.