Living Dead Clothing welcomes you to Rapture with a Bioshock collection

Opportunity awaits

Few videogames create an atmosphere and sense of place as memorable as the original Bioshock. From the Art Deco style to the iconic characters like the Big Daddies, gamers are left with vivid memories of the visuals that are just asking to be put on posters and t-shirts.

We’ve featured Australian designers Living Dead Clothing before among our favourite geeky swimsuits and Buyday Friday collections and in a few days they will have us throwing Rapture Dollars at our screens with a huge Bioshock collection. The collection includes a Big Daddy skater dress, a “Would you kindly?” t-shirt, and even this Little Sister cosplay skater dress:

The collection launches on Living Dead Clothing at midnight (UK) on the 26th of May. You can obsess over the amazing collection on Pinterest until then. Maybe in the future we’ll also get a collection for Bioshock Infinite, so we can run around throwing potions at people.

Images: Living Dead Clothing