Not cool: the JerkShirt lets men jack it in public

Enjoy your 2 weeks in prison

We see a lot of ill-thought-out products at Gadgette (and a lot of Bluetooth speakers for some reason – stop making more!) but the JerkShirt might just take the (soggy) biscuit.

Designed by an adult webcam site whose stars go by aliases including shawttyyybadddd and Fuckbot 3000 (we’re not making these up, but not linking to them either. You know where Google is), the JerkShirt by CamSoda is a shirt for men who want to beat their meat in public. Yes, really.

Here, have a ‘hilarious’ infomercial.

The basic premise is that the shirt includes one fake arm, which disguises the fact that your real arm is under the fabric of the shirt, getting jiggy. Thankfully, the part of the shirt that might come into contact with your ‘manhood’ (if you can still call it that after using this) is splash-proof and wipe-clean. Hooray!

Surprisingly for a product designed to allow men to creep on women unimpeded by things like – I don’t know – the law and basic human decency, the JerkShirt’s fake hand comes in four skintones. Not the kind of consideration for diversity we’d expect to see here.

Now, at this point you’re probably wondering whether this can possibly be real. We’re going to go ahead and say no, it’s almost certainly a joke product that will never come to fruition, so to speak. We contacted CamSoda a week ago to confirm, but surprisingly they weren’t willing to talk to a feminist site about their ‘invention’.

The website doesn’t allow you to buy the shirt, only to ‘pre-order’, which involves giving your contact details only – no payment info. All of this suggests to us that the JerkShirt is a PR stunt for a relatively little-known porn site – but that’s not the point.

We have no issue with pornography created by and for informed, consenting adults, or with production companies advertising their wares. In fact, sometimes porn sites’ blogs teach us some really interesting things about our habits (SFW).

What we take issue with is the idea that the way to promote said services is to endorse public masturbation, which is frequently used by men to threaten and traumatise women. Ask around your female friends and you’ll almost certainly find at least one who’s had an experience like this, and unsurprisingly their response isn’t usually to laugh and go “Oh, men!”. It might sound oh so hilarious for a bit of lad-banter, but it’s these kinds of experiences that make women feel unsafe in public.

Given that cam sites need women for their business models to work, it’d be nice to see a bit more respect and consideration. In short, there are better ways to promote your site than being a massive jerkoff.

All images: CamSoda

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