A Japanese company is creating meteor showers as entertainment

They could be used at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Fireworks are a good way to show off at a big event. Just think of Olympics opening ceremonies and New Year’s celebrations at the world’s biggest cities. Japanese company ALE Co., Ltd think they can top that though, with a artificial meteor shower that can be seen by tens of millions.

Sky Canvas is the company’s project to make “space entertainment”. They’ve created “source particles” that can emit plasma and will burn for a long time in the Earth’s atmosphere. They want to send these particles up in microsatellites and eject them in such a way that they will travel about a third of the way round the Earth then burn up in the atmosphere. This promotional video shows what it could look like if it works:

As the video shows, multiple shooting stars can be release for a genuine meteor shower. It looks quite magical in the video but nobody knows how successful it will really be. ALE claim that the meteor shower could be seen by people in a range with a 200 km diameter. So if they were released to burn up over Tokyo, 30 million spectators could witness the meteor shower.

In case you’re worried about adding yet more crap to our ever-expanding space junk, the company is working with the US Joint Space Operations Center to make sure the particles don’t collide with anything important. The microsatellites themselves will eventually burn up the in the atmosphere too.

We could see artificial meteor showers at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, but presumably we’ll see some test runs first.

Main image: Trevor Bexon, distributed under a CC BY 2.0 license

Via Tech Times