Cause mischief in the office with Elhoffer Design’s latest set

"You were made to be ruled"

It seems a week doesn’t go by without us drooling over a geeky masterpiece by fashion designer Catherine Elhoffer. Her designs take everyday styles and give them some geek love, with many inspired by our favourite characters. We adore her Loki peplum top so it’s great to see that she’s back with some more Loki-inspired fashion and this time it’s for the office.

Called the Mischief Office Wear Collection, the items all use Loki’s iconic black and green colours and sit somewhere between making an impression and being subdued. The collection will certainly catch some eyes but you won’t look like you’re cosplaying. They’re available for pre-order on Etsy.

Firstly, there’s the Mischief Lo-Hi Blazer with long sleeves and real pockets (thank you) for £151.80:

Image: Elhoffer Design

Then there’s the scoop necked, sleeveless Mischief Sheath Dress for $185 (£137.68):

Image: Elhoffer Design

Or you can get the whole Mischief set for $325 (£222):

Image: Elhoffer Design

All these items cost £38.83 to ship to the UK. You can shop for more of Catherine’s designs on her website or on Etsy. She also shows off new designs regularly on Instagram.

We love how Catherine captures elements of characters’ personalities in her work and happily plays with gender. Now we’re ready to rule the office with mischief.

Main image: Elhoffer Design