It looks like Android is on the way to the Raspberry Pi

2 million more things to do with the Pi?

There’s definitely a fangirl presence at Gadgette for both the Raspberry Pi and Android and it seems Google might be merging our interests with a version of Android tailored for the £30 computer. Google has added a new directory for the Raspberry Pi in their online repository for the Android Open Source Project. If you look at the other devices in the project, they’re mostly Nexus devices. A new directory just for the Pi 3 could mean there’s something special on the way.

If the Pi were to get a full version of Android, it could potentially give it access to the 2 million apps available on the Play Store. The Pi can run a multitude of operating systems already but Android would give it more options. Although the Pi can already be be used as a media centre or retro gaming console, Android source code would make it even more powerful for these uses. You could set it up as an Android home console or a custom Android TV system.

Then again, maybe we won’t be able to use all those apps. There’s no official word on this from Google yet so it’s hard to be sure what’s going on. Clearly some form of Android is making its way to the Pi but there’s no guarantee it will be stock Android. Microsoft has already created Windows 10 IoT Core for the Pi. It’s a stripped-down version of Windows 10 with Arduino APIs that plays nicely with other Windows system and maker boards.

Perhaps Google is working on a similar solution using Android. This wouldn’t give you the normal Android experience with a desktop, notifications, and all your apps. It would be a way to use Android’s architecture for running IoT projects. We’ll have to wait for an official word from Google or for code to appear in the repository so we can find out for ourselves what it does…

Via Ars Technica