This hacked IKEA bookshelf plays Tetris

I am the one who arranges the blocks...

Here at Gadgette we love hacking and DIY projects as much as we love games, so it’s perfect when the two come together. Last year Øyvind Berntsen proposed to his girlfriend by transforming their giant IKEA bookshelf into a game of Snake that finished with a giant ring. It was a cute viral video and I loved the idea of turning everyday furniture into a digital game. I’d forgotten about the hacked bookshelf but it turns out the couple continued their IKEA shenanigans and have recreated another classic game for their book collection. Check it out:

Tetris on a bookshelf! The game has been recreated behind the scenes on a PC. Instead of outputting the visuals as pixels to display on a screen, the computer activates different coloured lights in the bookshelf to represent the game’s falling blocks. There’s no scoreboard but it still looks great and features the game’s catchy tune. Even better, this is no visual presentation or movie; it’s totally playable.

It’s been a while since the video was uploaded so we hope they’re working on bringing us some more classics in bookshelf form. Or at least giving us a guide to make our own!

Via Contemporist