Turns out the Game of Thrones intro also works with slime mould

Slime mould is the best mould

Everyone loves the Game of Thrones intro. It’s mesmerising. But did you know it also works if you replace all the dainty little buildings with… mould?

Someone on YouTube going by the name of Transcend Rules has set a gorgeously-shot video of slime mould to the themetune we all know and love, and it’s hypnotic.

It might sound gross, but slime mould is one of nature’s most impressive feats. It has no brain, but can move and navigate, finding the shortest path to food with no sweat. It’s even been tasked with solving mazes designed for robots, and passed with flying colours.

Cellular slime mould exists as a mass of individual cells, but on the release of a chemical signal, bands together to create a mass that moves as one – a bit like Twitter eggs.

For a single-celled organism, slime mould has already achieved a lot – and now it’s making its small-screen debut. We look forward to the HBO series.

Holly Brockwell
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