Cyborg Nest’s first bodyhacking product lets you sense north

The Human Compass is a pretty rubbish superhero though

Some people are worried that we’re becoming too reliant on technology, pointing at kids spending all day staring at smartphones and gamers sitting at their consoles for hours on end. If they’re worried about the amount time we’re playing with gadgets, they’ll really hate the bodyhacking movement. There are real-life cyborgs implanting technology into their bodies to extend their senses or connect to the Internet of Things.

Cyborg Nest is a startup providing a new device, North Sense, that vibrates when you face north. We imagine this could be pretty useful when exploring a new city but hopefully the vibration isn’t continuous or it will be really annoying when you’re walking in a northern direction. It can connect to a smartphone app so presumably you customise how it works.

The website has a short video showing images of the device but we prefer the one introducing the company. It’s super pretentious and features what sounds like a seductive Jony Ive.

Is the North Sense really another sense? Technically yes but they’re sensationalising the it when they say, “you’ll be able to experience new memories, maps and life moments, created and influenced by a new spiritual layer.” New types of memory? Maps? Spiritual layer? Your memories will be like this: “Remember that time my chest vibrated because I was facing north so I knew which direction to go?”

A lot of bodyhacking devices are designed to be implanted under the skin but North Sense is installed externally. It can be attached anywhere on your body that can take a surface-to-surface barbell so any body piercer should be able to install it. It’s supposedly made from body-compatible silicone and it sits just above the skin so it shouldn’t cause irritation. They’re looking for a September release.

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Images: Cyborg Nest