This amazing space art was made with food on a photo scanner

Control the Spice, control the universe

The cosmos can be awe-inspiring. The nearby planets, distant galaxies, and colourful nebulae have inspired countless artists to put paintbrush to canvas and capture the immense scale and beauty of the universe beyond our little globe. We love stunning space art but it’s nothing new. What we haven’t seen before is realistic space art that uses nothing but a photo scanner and food items.

Navid Baraty has created an art project showing images taken by the fictional WANDER Space Probe. The art is created by leaving the scanner’s lid open (that’s how the darkness of space is generated) and covering the scanner in food. The planets are usually made by mixing weird ingredients in a glass.

This Earth-like planet was created using a glass full of bourbon, coconut milk, water, soy sauce, and food colouring while the stars consist of salt, flour, cinnamon, and curry powder:

Sometimes different ingredients are used for the stars, like the following image that used sugar and baking powder. This beautiful view through a nebula also uses water, coffee, and food colouring:

This amazing “ring of fire” uses turmeric, powdered cheese, cinnamon, and baking soda:

We love the creativity on display here and how great the results are from using just everyday things. Navid has shared his WANDER Space Probe imagery in an imgur gallery complete with ingredients. You probably don’t want to try cooking most of these though.

Images: Navid Baraty