Geeky find of the week: hatching dragon candle

"Fire cannot kill a dragon"

Game of Thrones merchandise can be hit-and-miss: the USB sticks disappointed us by missing an obvious trick, while the official figurines were refreshingly un-sexist. But while this week’s Geeky Find isn’t actually official GoT merch, it’s pretty clearly aimed at fans of the show – the description says it was “painstakingly retrieved from the Shadow Lands beyond Asshai.”

Exclusive to Firebox, this dragon egg candle melts to reveal a porcelain dragon figurine that you can keep (once you’ve wiped the soot off his little face).

The dragons come in black (Drogon), green (Rhaegal), and red (um, Viserion is supposed to be cream and gold), and you don’t know which one you’ll get until the candle’s burnt down a bit.

The dragon candle is the successor to the ridiculously popular dinosaur one, and while it isn’t small at 14cm high, it’s also not cheap at £29.99. Although you do get a dragon to keep, so it’s got one up on Yankee Candle.

It’s available now at Firebox, with non-tracked delivery at £2.25 or tracked at £3.95. Which presumably means Firebox have had more luck posting candles than I did on Mother’s Day, when Royal Mail told me you can’t send candles because they’re “flammable.” Well yes. That’s the point. I bet Daenerys doesn’t have to deal with this kind of thing.

All images: Firebox

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