Those Nintendo Vans are now on sale and they are amazing

Our bank accounts have one life left

We were ridiculously excited when we saw the preview of Vans’ new Nintendo collection, and the reality has not disappointed us whatsoever. In fact, we’re probably going to need a second job to pay for our new Vantendo addiction – maybe we’ll take up plumbing.

The Vans x Nintendo collection is pricey, but available in a wide range of sizes, with most starting at 2.5 and some going all the way up to a UK 12. Take notes, Reebok.

Here’s our pick of the collection.

Super Mario Bros tie-dye

Images: Vans

This trippy design makes us feel like we’ve used one too many mushrooms. The ‘Game over’ on the bottom of all the Nintendo Vans is a nice touch too, though it would be cool if it was embossed to leave an imprinted warning for any Bowsers following behind.

They’re £52.00.

Duck Hunt/Camo

Images: Vans

This 8-bit camouflage pattern has ducks galore, as well as that dastardly dog. Don’t forget, the second shoe controls the ducks ;).

Yours for £52.00.

Princess Peach

Images: Vans

She might be blonde and clichéd, but Princess Peach will always have a place in our hearts. Now she can have a place on our feet, too.

They’re – you guessed it – £52.00.

Zelda Black/Parisian Night

Images: Vans

Not one, but two Zelda designs! It’s dangerous to go barefoot, take these.

The black ones are £55.00, while the Parisian Night shoes are £52.00.

It’s not all shoes, either

There are backpacks, t-shirts, socks, kids’ designs, and possibly the ugliest shirt we’ve ever seen.

Images: Vans

The Vans x Nintendo collection is available now – hope you’ve been hoarding those gold coins.

All images: Vans

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