These beautiful lollipops let you taste the solar system

The only time mercury lollies are a good idea

We love space so much, we could eat it. Hot on the heels of the space scannerscapes we featured recently are these so-pretty-you-could-eat-em lollipops from Firebox.

Available in a set of 10, the beautifully-crafted lollies include every planet in the solar system, plus the sun. We take slight exception to the fact that Pluto’s in there, but it does make a nice round number.

Each celestial body has its own flavour: the sun is marshmallow, Mercury is tropical punch, Venus is cherry, Earth is candy floss, Mars is pear, Jupiter is key lime, Saturn is guava, Neptune is mango, Pluto is strawberry/kiwi – and Uranus tastes of blackberry, apparently. Poor old Blackberry, they never catch a break.

The lollies are available now at £24.99 for the set from Firebox. We’ll be sucking them into the black holes in our faces forthwith.

All images: Firebox 

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