You can now buy Daenerys Targaryen’s amazing dragon necklace

Hope you're sitting on a Drogon-sized nest egg

We can’t get enough of Game of Thrones merchandise, and in addition to the USB sticks, figurines and (unofficial) dragon candles we’ve posted previously, we now have a new favourite range: Daenerys Targaryen jewellery from MEY London.

The range, which is officially sanctioned by HBO, is a collaboration between GoT costume designer Michele Clapton and sculptural jewellery duo Yunus & Eliza, who created some of Dany’s jewellery for the show – including her dragon necklace. There are twenty pieces to choose from, starting at £65 for a dragon spine ring and going all the way up to £1900 for the hand-carved Drogon Neck Sculpture. The original was moulded to Emilia Clarke’s collarbone, so you might want to go for the slightly cheaper (£1400) choker version for a better fit. Or, y’know, just dream about it like we are.

Image: HBO via YouTube

We love the Dragonstone dragon egg necklace and earrings (£200 and £305 respectively) – you can choose your own egg, from blue Labradorite, Fire Orange glass or Electric Green glass. If we’re being pedantic, they should really be black/red, green/bronze and cream/gold, but when have you ever known Game of Thrones fans to be pedantic…? Ahem.

The rather gorgeous Dragon Storm Hand Wrap (£450), was actually used in the Series 6 finale – blink and you’ll miss it, but Daenerys has it on her right hand at the very end as she sails towards Westeros.

Image: HBO via YouTube

The entire collection is available online now, though we’re told there’s a bit of a wait for the dragon necklaces as they’re made to order and proving popular. Who knew there were so many people as rich as a Lannister?

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