Bazaar0 is like ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ for online shops

Can't... stop... clicking...

As if online shopping wasn’t addictive enough, we’ve just discovered something that puts our bank balances in even more danger. The oddly-named Bazaar0 (presumably pronounced ‘bizarro’) is a website that lets you click one button to go to a random shop website. And we can’t stop.

It’s a global site, so not all the shops are UK-based but many ship here. Bazaar0’s creator tells us they focus on US sites because they tend to ship to more countries than more local shops, but that said, we’ve seen plenty of UK-based stores in our click adventures.

In the last 5 minutes, we’ve landed on:

  • A bike lock shop
  • A shop selling cornets and trombones
  • A board game shop
  • An online shop for insulation (?!)
  • A site selling ponytail hair extensions
  • Mobile phone accessories
  • A site that only sells skirts
  • A site selling rainbow-coloured spandex
  • A British site selling only doorstops (Hodor?)
  • A site that sells PEBBLE PILLOWS OMG

As that random sample shows, it’s a pretty mixed bag. Some of the sites are amazing and some are really niche, but they’re all pretty interesting. The only one we weren’t pleased to see was a drug testing site that helps you figure out how pure your heroin is – we flagged it to Bazaar0 and they told us it was approved because it offered a useful tool for teenagers, but on further reflection would be removed. It’s worth knowing that you could land on any random site, though, so it might be best not to click at work.

We’ve already discovered some new stores we’ll be adding to our online shopping arsenal (DOORSTOPS), and we really like the idea of supporting small online businesses. If you want to have a go, click here – but only if you’ve got an hour going spare…!

Main image: Pexels

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