This game can help you survive when the robots steal your job

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Robots are coming for our jobs. No, seriously. But don’t panic – there’s a tabletop game that can help you prepare and survive when our automated overlords make us all redundant.

Called ‘The Robots Are Coming Today?’, the game can be played by 1 to 6 people. The aim is to find enough alternate sources of money to pay all your bills before time runs out and you lose your job. Played with cards that you can buy or print yourself, it’s currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, and at the time of writing has another $700 to find by Friday. We love the idea, so here’s hoping they make their goal.

We caught up with creator Sarah E. Rogers to find out the influences behind the game.

Hey Sarah. We love the idea of The Robots Are Coming Today – what inspired you to create it?

I had several inspirations for the game:

– My own experience: one job I had was essentially automated away.
– Books and films: one example is the short documentary “Humans Need Not Apply“.
– My family: I played board games growing up like Monopoly, Risk and Life. As an adult we’ve talked a lot about financial literacy and investing, and they introduced me to games like Cashflow.

My background is as a freelance writer and content manager, but over the years I’ve also pursued side projects like publishing several e-books and an online course. I haven’t created a game before, but I’ve always loved games and people who know me know I’m always trying to create something.

How do you win and lose the game? Does anything exciting happen when you win?

There’s a time limit. When the time is up, the robots replace your current job. You win if your alternative income (which is built up during the game) is greater than your expenses. In any given game there can be one winner, multiple winners or no winners.

If you win, it’s exciting because you successfully survive wide-scale job automation and can provide for your family. If you lose, well, let’s just say you didn’t make ends meet that round. But the game isn’t meant to be depressing. It’s meant to let people test out different strategies, have fun with several tongue-in-cheek path cards and maybe get some new ideas on how to make more income.

Have any robots tried the game? Could a robot make a better one?

No robots have tried the game as yet. Sure, it’s possible a robot might be able to create a better one, but not the AI that recently wrote “Sunspring.” I couldn’t bear to finish the film. 🙂

What advice can you give people for robot proofing their lives outside the game?

Be flexible, diversify your income and never stop hustling.

The Robots Are Coming Today?

We can’t argue with that advice. The Robots Are Coming Today? is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, with pledge tiers including the main game for $85 and the PDF print-it-yourself version for $10. Find out more and chuck an indie game developer some money before Friday, when the campaign closes.

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