Indie comic review: Baggywrinkles

For everyone who ever wished they were a pirate

If you read our recent guide to getting started with comics, this might be a good place to begin – a cute, fun but educational comic about pirates and maritime life. Created by the talented and prolific Lucy Bellwood, Baggywrinkles is available online, on Comixology, and soon in book form too.

Here’s our Baggywrinkles review.

“At the tender age of seventeen I ran away to sea.”

With this, the story begins. Baggywrinkles is the equivalent of a tall ship coming in to port, when sailors swap tales of life at sea. Aimed at an all ages audience, this story offers a unique view of a perhaps previously unconsidered slice of life. The life of a sailor is constructed from each section, leaving the reader with a glimpse of open waters and sails unfurling in the salty sea winds.

The author, as the protagonist, is easily related to. The reader is drawn in by the factual tidbits sprinkled throughout the narrative, while the charming art provides a compelling reason to linger on each panel. Overall, the unselfconsciousness of the storyline and the levity of the conversation aims low enough for children to have a full understanding, while having enough content for any adult to be persuaded to read on.

Each self-contained mini tale offers a glimpse of a distinct aspect of the overall life and history of a sailor. The length and content of each section differs greatly and offers everything from autobiographical content to definitions and unique historical perspectives. The reader learns small details from each story that adds up to a comprehensive view of what each of us dreams of as children, eyepatches, sailing ships, and all.

Personally, my favorite sections involved scurvy and a charming explanation of the intricacies of learning the lines that criss-cross a ship like a spiderweb of rope. It is a light read that is fun to go back to and pick up small facts that may have been skimmed over on the first reading. I recommend this comic to anyone who enjoys a bit of light reading amidst heavier graphic novels and storylines.

Baggywrinkles is a cute and fun comic that can be read quickly or more deeply. It’s a great topic for the family to enjoy, especially with summer break in full swing and the necessity of parents to find something for their kids to keep busy with.

Our verdict, then? In the words of Baggywrinkles:

All images courtesy of Lucy Bellwood.