Thought Flappy Bird was frustrating? Wait ’til you try Brexit Bird

All the fun of failing with the added prospect of economic collapse. Yay!

“We knocked off Flappy Bird but you play as a flying teacup trying to stay in the EU for as long as possible,” may be the best game pitch we’ve ever received. And it sums up Brexit Bird pretty well.

Developed by a group of artists at the museum-based incubator NewInc, Brexit Bird surprisingly comes from New York rather than, say, original York. The team tells us that “It seems like politics is going to hell around us and across the pond… it’s been kind of a wild ride watching the referendum happen from the outside, and it seems like there’s just so much frustration and helplessness in the younger generation, which we’re sympathetic to. The game was a spur of the moment idea– we put it together in a couple days.”

Much like the Brexit campaign, then.

Team BB continues, “Flappy Bird is famous for being really frustrating, you can’t really ‘win’ it,” which is where the connection to the infamous EU referendum comes in. “You can focus for a while and rack up some points, but eventually you smack into a bus no matter what,” say the team about their game, although they could equally be talking about Michael Gove’s political career.

Brexit Bird is playable online, either on desktop or mobile. It contains all the rage-inducing fun of the original, plus a healthy smattering of that quintessential British trait: having a good old laugh while the country frantically tries to pull its trousers back up.

Holly Brockwell
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