This new app helps you get fit playing Pokémon Go

From Jigglypuff to Wigglytuff

Update: Pokéfit has now changed its name to Pocket Fit in the Android app store, presumably as a result of copyright concerns. The original article appears below.

There are loads of upsides to playing Pokémon Go: you make new friends, discover new places of interest (so many blue plaques I’d never noticed), take hilarious screenshots of Gastly near your friend’s bum – the fun never ends. And of course, you also do a heck of a lot of walking – those eggs ain’t gonna hatch themselves.

If you’ve been thinking about upping your personal fitness, it’s also a great way to get some free outdoor exercise without feeling like you’re working out. To make that even easier, new app PokeFit is designed to help you get fit playing Pokémon Go.

The just-launched free app works seamlessly with Pokémon Go to track how far you’ve walked, how many steps you’ve done, how many calories you’ve burnt, and how long you were hunting for. It draws you a little map of where you’ve been, and even keeps an eye on how much data and battery juice you’re using.

But what we really like about PokeFit (who are surely going to get sued for that name…) is that it works within Pokémon Go. Yes, you can open the PokeFit app and see all your stats there, but the key ones are overlaid directly on the Pokémon Go screen. You don’t even have to open PokeFit – once it’s installed and set up, it automatically tracks your hunts every time you use Pokémon Go. That’s pretty cool.

Even better, PokeFit can override your phone’s screen timeout setting, meaning you can keep the screen on while you’re playing Pokémon Go but still have it set to turn off after 30 seconds (or whatever) with other apps. Because as we all know, walking around with your phone in your hand isn’t going to hatch any eggs if the screen’s off.

P3 Insight, who make PokeFit, have some pretty interesting stats on Pokémon Go use – their CEO, Ralf Klüber, tells us:

  • Pokémon Go players walk nearly 5km (over 3 miles) every day
  • The average player spends 3 minutes playing at a time, and 13 minutes in a day
  • The app doesn’t actually use much data: 5-10MB an hour – watching Netflix in standard quality is 100 times higher at about 1GB an hour
  • But it does rinse your battery: “It drains nearly a third (29.7%) of an Android phone’s battery in one hour, compared to 20.8% for Google Maps, 18.2%t for Facebook and 17.6% for YouTube.”

PokeFit is currently only available for Android users, though an iOS version is in the pipeline (sorry iPhone fans). There are also planned upgrades including competing for fitness goals and rewards with your newfound Poke-friends.

Download the app free now, and next time someone says “You look great, have you been working out?” you can truthfully answer, “I visit a gym every day.”

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