Living Dead Clothing has a gorgeous new Bioshock collection

What do you Fink?

We were beside ourselves with excitement when Living Dead Clothing’s original Bioshock collection came out back in May, and clearly we weren’t alone, because they’ve done another one. And it. Is. AWESOME.

To answer your first question: YES, Booker and Elizabeth are in there, and oh dear god how beautiful are these?

Left: Elizabeth Cosplay Skater, £50.68, sizes XS-XL. Right: Booker Cosplay Skater, £50.68 (XS-XL).

We’re also big fans of the Rapture Advertisements Skater, £50.68 (XS-XL):

Oh, and did we mention Vigor Bottle Leggings, £42.71 (sizes XS to XXL) and this kickass Songbird tee, £30.75 (sizes XS to XXL)? Just be prepared for people to ask “Hey, what Pokémon is that?” ?

Now, as you can probably tell from the funky pricing, LDC are based in Australia but they do ship to the UK (and Rapture, presumably) and it’s not too pricey – under a tenner for a lot of things, and some stuff ships free. The standard delivery option takes about two weeks, though, so you might want to shell out for Express (about £15) if you need it in time for some kind of kickass Bioshock party that we weren’t invited to. And as ever, remember there might be customs charges to pay when you’re importing stuff from abroad.

You can see (and buy!) the full Living Dead Clothing Bioshock 2.0 collection here right now – prepare for a critical hit to the wallet.

All images: Living Dead Clothing

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