Public service announcement: Pokémon Go freakshakes exist


Like pretty much everyone in the world right now, we are obsessed with Pokémon Go. And while out hunting for Eevees in Covent Garden, London last night, we accidentally stumbled upon the Holographic Charizard of drinks. The Pokémon Go freakshake.

For n00bs, freakshakes are mahoosive, crazy milkshakes served in tankards, usually with lashings of cream and some kind of pudding on top – often a doughnut. They’re about a bazillion calories so best enjoyed on an empty stomach (and you probably still won’t finish it), but they’re an indulgent choice of Hyper Potion to revive you after a hard afternoon pounding the pavements for imaginary monsters.

One of the places offering freakshakes in London is the lovely Maxwell’s in Covent Garden, and they’ve brought in a special limited-edition bubblegum-flavoured Pokémon Go variant:

Obviously, we had to do this:

If you’re not a bubblegum fan, there are other flavours – the Oreo one is really good – and they come in at £7, which is a lot for a milkshake, but this is more like three puddings. Also, POKÉBALL DOUGHNUT. Come on.

Maxwell’s tell us the Pokémon Go freakshake will be around ’til about the end of August, so get your skates on if you want to treat your Lickitung to one. And, er, maybe hit up Pokefit for a few days afterwards if you still want your jeans to fasten.

Main image: Maxwell’s

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