5 things we want this week

Buyday Friday is BACK

Ugh, online shopping is hard. Too many sites, too much stuff, not enough time. Luckily, Team Gadgette loves nothing more than trawling through the backroom of the internet looking for the coolest stuff – here’s our latest pick.

1. Pokémon Go gathered skirt


This gorgeous, brightly-coloured skirt has so many Pokémon, you’ll feel like you’re standing under a Pokéstop with a lure and incense.

It’s high-waisted and gathered, and made to order, so you can specify measurements for a perfect fit and your preferred length. It takes about two weeks to arrive so order early if you’ve got a Pokérave coming up.

£40 plus £8 UK postage from LittleGreyhound on Etsy

2. Harry Potter ‘Accio Coffee’ mug

Muggles might not be able to summon lattes at will (more’s the pity) but this magic mug for witches and wizards bears the priceless spell ‘accio coffee’ – in other words, coffee, get your invigorating ass over here.

Emblazoned with its own little Gryffindor scarf, it’s made of glazed earthenware and is dishwasher and microwave safe. There’s also a travel mug and the most adorable tea set in the collection, which if you ask us should definitely have been called Harry Pottery.

$16 (around £13) plus $14 (around £11) shipping to the UK, from LennyMud

3. Altruist not-for-profit sunscreen

It’s vaguely warm in the UK, and that’s about as good as it’s going to get for summer 2016.

We’ve never forgotten Baz Luhrmann’s sound advice to wear sunscreen no matter what, and Altruist is our sunscreen of choice.

It was created by a skin cancer specialist and it’s not for profit, which puts our minds at rest about how good it is (we can spend hours in the sun cream aisle at Boots and still not buy anything).

Altruist offers 5-star Ultra-UVA protection and high UVB protection, it’s fragrance-free (yay!) and hypoallergenic, and best of all, you can get it in a massive pump-action 1-litre bottle if you like bulk buying. Normal-sized tubes are available too, but we like buying everything in giant sizes so we feel like pixies. Whatever, you do it too.

£8 for two 200ml tubes of factor 30, Amazon UK


4. Literally everything Pusheen

We’ve been obsessed with the internet’s favourite cartoon cat for some years now, but it used to be a bit of a pain to get hold of merchandise unless you wanted to ship from Japan. Now, Pusheen has gone mainstream, and one of the sites selling ridiculously cute merch is the awesome Truffle Shuffle.

Everything in their Pusheen collection is wantable, but this pencil case is probably our favourite – it’d make such a cute makeup bag.

£9.99 from Truffle Shuffle

5. Cakes with Faces shark attack dress

Every week is shark week when you have this dress. Covered in cute bitey sharks, octopuses, fish and crabs, this is a new design from Cakes with Faces, which is one of our favourite brands. Purple-haired badass Amy Crabtree creates the designs herself, a lot of which feature – you’ve guessed it – cakes with faces.

We’ve got quite a lot of her colourful skater dresses in our collection, and can confirm they’re both flattering and adorable.

£30 from Cakes with Faces

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