What to do if a company keeps sending emails after you’ve unsubscribed

It happens a lot more than it should

Sometimes you get emails you didn’t sign up for. Sometimes you did sign up, but you’re tired of them. And sometimes some clownshoe thinks your email address is theirs and signs you up for a bajillion newsletters about property in Texas (cheers, other Holly).

In all these cases, clicking ‘unsubscribe’ should be enough. But what happens when you’ve unsubscribed multiple times and the emails are still coming? Well, by all means email them to complain and call them out on Twitter, but if you just want a guaranteed way to stop the emails coming, here’s how to do it in Gmail.

1. Open the email

This is the last time you’ll be contributing to their open rates.

2. Click the ‘More’ arrow in the top corner

Below the printer icon.

3. Click ‘filter messages like this’

And by ‘filter’, we mean ‘nix’.

4. Pick your options

Just emails from this address? Just ones with space-sucking attachments? Just ones to a particular email? If  you have any preferences, put them in here – but if you’re just trying to switch off a particular newsletter, the default setting is probably fine. When you’re done, click ‘Create filter with this search.’

5. Choose what you’d like to do

Want to delete them all without ever having to see them? Tick ‘delete it.’ This option is the closest to unsubscribing. If you never want to see the emails but you want them filed away in case you need them one day, choose ‘Skip the inbox (Archive it)’. They’ll still be there if you search, but they won’t appear in your inbox.

Tick the box at the bottom (‘Also apply filter to X matching conversations’) if you’d like to delete/archive all the ones you’ve had so far, too.

6. Click ‘Create filter’

And enjoy the newfound peace in your inbox.

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