Keep missing alarms on your Android? This might be why

Now you have to get out of bed. Sorry.

There’s absolutely nothing worse than the sinking feeling you get when you suddenly wake up, it’s far too light, and you know it’s much later than it should be. You’re late for work, you’ve missed your appointment, the flight’s about to depart without you – nothing good comes of missing alarms.

But there’s a simple, infuriating reason why you might be getting the “missed alarm” notification in Android. It’s happened to me more than once, and it’s not as obvious as it should be how to fix it.

Why you’re getting the ‘missed alarm’ notification

There are three volume settings in Android, and the volume keys on your phone only control one of them at a time. If you’re watching a video, they control the media volume. If you’re just using the phone normally, they control the ringtone. But it’s the third one – the alarm volume – that’s a killer.

Yes, you can set your alarm to be silent. Not many people would want to, but if you accidentally set your alarm volume to zero and you don’t have it set to vibrate, then no matter what alarm tone you’ve chosen, your phone will sit there merrily saying “alarm!” on the screen without making any noise at all. So unless you happen to be awake and staring at the phone, it’s not going to wake you up.

How to stop missing alarms in Android

It’s an infuriatingly simple fix. As with everything Droid, the menus and labels might be slightly different on your phone, but the setting’s there somewhere.

First, go to the main Settings menu. Then to the Sound/Notifications menu. There, you’ll find the three volume settings – slide the Alarm one up to wherever you want it. If it was on zero, that was likely your issue.

It’s also a good idea to go into the alarms you’ve set and make sure the Vibrate setting is on. That way, even if your alarm volume gets set to zero again, your phone will buzz and hopefully wake you up.

Hey presto, no more ‘missed alarm’ notifications in Android. Now you’ve got no excuse for missing the Thursday morning team meeting. Yay.

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