The Squidger: my new favourite thing for getting extra value out of products

Squoosh more out of your tubes of stuff

I’ve never been very good with money, and one of my big focuses for 2017 is sorting that out. To that end, I’ve been immersing myself in wisdom from brilliant finance journalists like Jenni Hill and Bridget Casey, and one of the things they’ve taught me is that sometimes you can save money by spending money.

The Squidger is one of the ways I’ve done that this year. It’s a little plastic doodad that helps you get the very last out of your toothpaste, eyeshadow primer or ‘stache removing cream (hi, I’m a pale brunette, what did you expect?).

It costs £4.99, but should pay for itself with all the extra product it squooshes out of your tubes (10 to 20%, they reckon). I’ve already used it to get considerably more out of things I thought were empty. I could cut them open, I guess, but that’s messy (especially with things like concealer) and considerably more effort. No one likes effort.

I’m pretty happy with the Squidger. It comes in a range of colours and you can get one here.

Holly Brockwell
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