I like: this week-long rainbow-coloured pill organiser

For sickly people with style

I lik

When you’re not well, the world loses its colour a little bit. It’s difficult to feel sunny and positive in your head when you feel like toasted dung in your body (and, often, also in your head). So I’m a fan of anything that makes the down days a little sweeter, and this cute pill organiser by Anabox is one of them.

I’m currently taking a whole loooad of stuff (yay long-term health issues), and it helps me make sure I don’t miss a single pill. All the daily organisers are separate and removable, and you can even swap the lids around if you’ve got synaesthesia and the days are matched with the wrong colours for you.

I’ve found this really handy for both keeping me organised, and cheering me up. It’s not the cheapest – currently £16.75 on Amazon – but it makes a dull task a little bit brighter, and that makes it worthwhile for me.

If you have tips on what’s brightened up your sick days, do let me know on Twitter. Being long-term ill is rubbish!

Pics all taken with the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, which is awesome.

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