Lofree have made another gorgeous gadget [updated]

The Poison wireless speaker is retro revival done right

Lofree is a pretty new name in the tech world, but the brand has already impressed style-conscious gadget geeks with its ridiculously beautiful mechanical keyboard (which I wrote about on Gizmodo), and now they’re back with another droolworthy offering: the Poison speaker.

It’s a bit of a strange name for a dinky speaker that comes in sugar-sweet pastels and looks like the fifties never left, but we’ll take it.

The Poison packs two 10W dynamic drivers and a battery that lasts “up to 6 hours” (am I the only one to find that phrasing frustrating? ‘Up to’ could be 20 minutes!).

Apparently, Lofree tested “23 housing structures, three Bluetooth solutions, five amplifier chipsets, nine kinds of driver material, and five diaphragms” before finalising the prototype, but clearly digital radio didn’t make the list. Still, we doubt many people will use it for radio considering it has Bluetooth – and if you do want to, you’d probably be better off connecting it to an Amazon Echo Dot and getting your digital radio fix via voice control.

The Lofree keyboard was mega-successful on Indiegogo, and the company is going down the crowdfunding route again for the Poison, this time on Kickstarter. It launches any day now, with pricing as yet unannounced. Hopefully there’ll be a bundle option with the keyboard, because what a gorgeous pair they make – fingers crossed the retrotech aesthetic continues through their next products.

Updated 2/8: The Lofree Poison Kickstarter is now live. Back it here if you want one.

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