I’ve backed this weird toothbrush on Kickstarter & so should you

Amabrush promises to brush all your teeth in 10 seconds

I’ve backed a very esoteric selection of products on crowdfunding sites – some successful, some not so. But when I backed a new kind of toothbrush, I assumed I’d be pretty much the only one. Who’s going to spend the best part of £100 for a totally unproven mouth gadget that might not even get made?

Well, as often happens, I was mega-wrong.

Amabrush has been a stonking success on Kickstarter: from a €50k (£45k, $58k) funding goal, they’ve made more than two million Euros so far, and there’s still a week to go.

So why did I, and so many others, back Amabrush?

Because if it does what it claims, it will be awesome.

Amabrush is a weird-looking, denture-shaped toothbrush that you put into your mouth kind of like a gumshield. It brushes all your teeth, front and back, in TEN SECONDS. You don’t even have to put toothpaste on it, because it comes with a little capsule that dispenses it automatically.

Instead of brushing your teeth for four minutes a day (2 minutes x 2, which is the usual recommendation), Amabrush would cut total daily brushing time down to twenty seconds. You could fit in a lunchtime brush as easily as swilling some mouthwash.

Of course at the moment, this is all theoretical. Amabrush may never come to fruition or it might not pay off any of the creators’ claims. But the huge amount of interest and financial backing they’ve received means that even if nothing comes of the campaign, someone will find a way to make this happen. Big Toothpaste will definitely be paying attention.

Since they’ve had so much interest, the creators have added a bunch of stretch goals to the campaign. I backed the Pro Couple bundle, which includes two toothbrushes, six paste capsules and a wireless charging station. They’ve now added refillable capsules, travel cases, tongue cleaners and all sorts of other extras to the campaign because of all the extra cash. This has the capacity to be a fully-fledged product line by the time it ships at the end of the year.

There’s still some time left to get the Kickstarter price if you fancy getting one of these for yourself – the usual caveats apply, but I for one can’t wait to spend those extra three minutes of brushing time every day doing anything other than biting bristles.

Need a fancy toothbrush that ships a bit sooner? Check out our review of the excellent Philips Sonicare DiamondClean, electric toothbrush of dreams. 

All images: Amabrush

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