5 things we want ASAP


It’s that time again: we share the things we want to buy to try and relieve the urge to splurge. It never works. But at least we can all be poor together.

Here’s what we’re lusting after at the moment.

1. ‘Babe With The Power’ t-shirt

Labyrinth, feminism and empowerment in one t-shirt? Oh hell yes.

It’s not available yet, but coming soon for £19.99 to TruffleShuffle, sizes XS to XL.

2. Copper base for Google Home

I really, really, really do not need a pretty base for my Google Home. I don’t. Unequivocally I don’t. The grey one it has is fine, and this one is obscenely expensive, the fabric ones are half the price, it adds no functionality, but… I still want it.


It’s £36 from Google.

3. No dreams, just goals notebook

I’ve recently been reading Mindset by Dr Carol Dweck, and it’s totally changed the way I look at everything. In short, it’s about how there are two basic mindsets: fixed vs flexible. Either you believe everyone’s ability and intelligence are fixed, so you’re either good at things or you aren’t, or you appreciate that talent exists but work, practice and effort make much more difference in the long run. It’s especially revelatory for people who were ‘gifted’ children and have been feeling like failures ever since.

I like stationery with positive slogans, because then I see them every day, and it helps me keep the message in mind. So this one, reminding me that dreams are more ‘fixed mindset’ – it will happen or it won’t – and goals are flexible, ie you work to make them inevitable.

Rock those goals.

It’s £6 from the amazing Typo.

4. Plox Star Wars Levitating Death Star speaker

When we saw the Crazybaby UFO speaker at CES, we knew someone would use the tech to make something cool – and they have. Plox’s Death Star speaker floats ominously above the base station, offering 360-degree sound and up to 5 hours’ playback via Bluetooth.

A cooler way to play the Cantina Band song 24/7.

It’s £129.99 from Amazon.

5. Rewined red wine candle

I don’t (can’t) drink and I hated red wine even when I could, but this would be such a handy present for someone you can’t think of a good choice for. It comes in a recycled wine bottle (green points++) and burns for 60-80 hours with a realistic Pinot Noir scent.

Bonus: it’ll get this song in your head.

It’s £25 from Maiden.

Tweet us if you have any of these things, ideally to say they’re amazing and we should definitely buy them. Thanks.

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