Take a trip to Westeros with these Game of Thrones masks

Everyone's Two-Faced in Game of Thrones

Got the post Game of Thrones blues? Of course you do! It’s swiftly become an officially recognised medical condition as millions of fans around the world simultaneously came down with what-do-you-mean-we-have-to-wait-until-2019!?! syndrome.

But worry not: where there’s Thrones, there’s a way, and if there’s one thing there’s no lack of these days it’s a never-ending supply of GoT think-pieces, speculation, madcap theorising, conventions, games, and – of course – merchandise.

Which leads us nicely onto a particularly novel piece of merch: official Game of Thrones 3D mask and wall-mount books.

There are 4 different designs – a Targaryen dragon, a Lannister lion, a Stark direwolf, and a White Walker’s er… head – and it’s a “does what it says on the tin” sort of deal, namely a mask and wall-mount packaged as a book that you build yourself. It’s sort of like origami by numbers – glue, sticky tape, scissors, patience, and time very much required.

Dreams were lived

Building one of these things is no casual endeavour and you should look to set aside a good few hours before you get started. Some of the pieces are very small and quite complicated with a lot of folds and tabs that you need to pay attention to in order to construct the mask properly. It’s exactly what’s needed to ensure a sturdy product at the end but it has the unfortunate side effect of making the construction itself seem ostensibly quite daunting.

Ultimately, what you get out of this will really depend on the kind of person you are. The instructions are minimal – advising you to tackle the pieces in pairs and then to quite simply make sure the numbers match up accurately, tab 1 with tab 1, tab 2 with tab 2 etc. It sounds straightforward enough and it is if you’re a craft-y person who enjoys getting stuck in with an arty project and gluing your fingers together (not that we ended up doing that. Immediately). For other people however, juggling the sheer logistics of connecting the myriad pieces together may be a fate worse than eternal damnation as an ice-zombie slave.

The masks themselves are very nicely designed. We got the White Walker head because it’s objectively terrifying and that’s just the way we roll (though we definitely want them all). The level of detail is impressive, with the wrinkles and scraggly hair and beard well represented, and it’s clear that these things are well made. The final look of the masks will depend on how thorough you are with the folding and whether you choose to use tape or glue. While a lot more effort, glue helps set sharper angles and edges which creates a much better “emaciated zombie” sort of look, which is our metric for pretty much anything we might put on our face.

The “mask in a book” design is also pretty neat and genuinely quite impressive, though it’s a shame that you have to basically destroy the book in order to make the wall-mount by removing the back cover. The book itself is well designed and comes packaged in a sturdy cardboard sleeve, complete with a short passage of lore based on your chosen mask and a world map alongside the various pieces of the mask itself and an instructions page.

Nightmares were also lived

Quite what you use the mask for afterwards is entirely up to you and the limits of your imagination/ propensity to harass loved ones. They’re a bit bulky to be actually mounted on the wall (and, with the White Walker mask at least, also pant-shittingly horrifying, like your neighbours are nightmare ghouls with no sense of personal space having a peek through the wall) but some of our favourite mask-based pastimes include:

  • Standing at the end of dark corridors in total silence;
  • Whispering “Winter is Coming” while you roam your home at night;
  • Staring thoughtfully out of windows, either your own or somebody else’s, doesn’t really matter;
  • Trying to convince cats about the benefits of the ice-zombie life.

They’re £14.99 by Carlton Books and are available from lots of places including Amazon. Need a birthday or Christmas gift for a friend/ loved one/ suffering Game of Thrones fan? Problem solved.

Zack Fox, Chief Screen-Watcher
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