Here’s why you should probably be using Bitdefender BOX

Online peace of mind, in a box

This is a sponsored post from our friends at Bitdefender.

Like slow people in queues, cats in cardboard boxes, and ‘nice guys’ on the internet, viruses are everywhere.

Amish folk and your Uncle McJimmy who went to live in the forest ten years ago aside, they affect everyone — yes, even you Mr I-Have-A-Mac-and-Macs-Can’t-Get-Viruses sitting over there, tasteful man-bun and flat white artfully intact (that’s a tragic misconception that we’ll deal with another time but, in short, it’s absolute nonsense. PROTECT YOUR MAC).

Take a second to consider how much of your life is run on your computer and smartphone over the internet: shopping, communication, insurance, travel, and, of course, accounting, credit cards, and banking. It genuinely isn’t an exaggeration to say EVERYTHING can be dependant, in some way or another, on your computer and your access to the internet. And while that’s testament to the breadth of human ingenuity (and laziness), it’s also something to take incredibly seriously from a safety-goggles perspective.

A benevolent Skynet, working for you

Fortunately, then, we have Bitdefender, which boasts a worldwide network of 500 million machines performing 11 billion security queries every day. In other words, it has one of the biggest online security infrastructures in the world, able to neutralise dangers in as little as 3 seconds. Sort of like Skynet but, you know, on the side of the squishy humans.

More specifically, we have Bitdefender BOX, a hardware security appliance built to protect all traditional operating systems, from Windows and MacOS to Android, iOS, and games consoles. Think of it like the Alexa of home network security and you aren’t far wrong, just less chatty and more punchy against all things nefarious online. Like a bouncer without the bribes.

“So what does it actually do?” I hear you conveniently asking, full of excitement and anticipation. In short, all devices connected to the BOX protected network benefit from Bitdefender’s network level protection, which provides:

  • Web scanning: BOX scans and blocks malicious websites
  • On-demand vulnerability assessment: BOX scans your devices and warns of potential vulnerabilities
  • Device detection: BOX tells you when new devices attempt to connect to your network
  • Exploit prevention: identifies and blocks exploits
  • Anomaly detection: which, well, y’know… detects anomalies
  • Brute force protection: the security module goes full Terminator on anyone trying to bully their way into your network
  • Sensitive data protection: tells you when sensitive data is about to be shared across non-encrypted, unsecure sites. Because you shouldn’t do that.

If all of that isn’t secure enough – if you’re the sort that double-locks your door, or padlocks their padlocks – the BOX comes with Bitdefender Total Security, giving you complete protection and management across all your devices. It’s run via an app that can remotely scan devices, locate them, lock them, and even wipe them.

So if, for example, you’re the sort that falls asleep on trains and leaves their your phone behind, much to the ire of your significant other [Ed: I have not forgiven Zack for losing the Gadgette-branded Nexus 6P and I may not ever] you can wave goodbye to that hot wave of guilt and panic, safe in the knowledge that your data is secure. Bitdefender Total Security also includes a VPN module, meaning you can secure your online connections, encrypt your data, and hide your IP address wherever you are. Great for safety-conscious denizens of the web. And spies.

The Bitdefender BOX is currently only available in the US, but it’s coming to the UK – check back for updates. It’s yours for $249.99 and can also be picked up from Amazon and Best Buy.

Can’t stretch to that? You can still download Bitdefender’s free IoT scanner to help protect your passwords and shiny things.

The internet is a wonderful, complicated, inspiring, bizarre, exciting, and sometimes dangerous place – so do yourself a favour and use protection.

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