This dating app increased female registrations by 23% in a day

Turning Valentine's Day into Galentine's Day

This is a sponsored article from our friends at Huggle.

Valentine’s Day is a day of love but, for some people, the pressure to conform and couple up in time for the special day can make it feel decidedly unspecial indeed.

That’s why dating app Huggle decided to take a stand against the romantic tyranny of Valentine’s Day and temporarily switch off its dating mode. The idea was to help singletons embrace their freedom and push the message that independent singledom is not a bad thing. Huggle worked normally, just with the catch that all users were in friendship mode for 24 hours.

This may seem like a bold move, but interestingly the app has reported a surge in downloads since they launched their Valentine’s campaign. Most interestingly of all, on the 14th of February itself, Huggle saw a 23% increase in female registrations.

Huggle posted the following message on its instagram to share the reason behind why they would be boycotting Valentine’s Day:

Huggle’s social media blew up with reactions to the campaign, suggesting that singletons were very much on board with the idea.

Maybe this is something other dating apps should consider next Valentine’s Day before they promote the fear that being single is bad. If single life means sitting in our pants watching Netflix then hell, that’s about 90% of what we stand for here at Gadgette (the other 10% being tech of course. And cats).

Huggle is now back to normal where it gives its users the option to search for a date, friends or both.