Every Tesla owner’s going to want this car freshener

A whole lot cheaper than a Model S

What does Elon Musk smell like? Sadly we’ve never been close enough to him to tell you, but if this new car air freshener from the awesome and bonkers people at Firebox is anything to go by, it’s musk. Obviously.

The description currently says “made with real Musk,” but we’ve checked with Team Firebox and it’s a synthetic scent — so no worries about deer being poked up the backside.

The air freshener comes in the shape of the rather gorgeous Elon’s head, or a cartoon rendering thereof, anyhow. What could be nicer than driving your shiny Tesla with the toothy, fragrant head of Musk beaming at you? Or indeed upgrading your not-a-Tesla with an homage to the man who sent a car into space for Reasons?

It’s £8.99 from Firebox, which is a whole lot cheaper than a Model S. Winner.

Holly Brockwell
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