This dating app tells you who goes to the same places as you

Finally, someone to go yo-yo trampolining with

This is a sponsored post from our friends at Huggle.

Everyone is obsessed with the dating app Huggle and it’s no surprise as to why.

A lot of apps like Tinder will show you people within a few miles of you. However, Huggle goes one step further: it matches you with people who go to the same places as you.

As well as swiping through people who you have places in common with, you can also tap on one of your locations to see who else goes there. This is a genius way to discover and meet people, especially if you’ve missed an opportunity to speak to someone that you locked eyes with. Yep, that means Huggle can help you find that hottie at your gym or reconnect you with the stranger you bumped into at the bar. Simply open up the app, tap on your location and scroll through all the check-ins until you find the person you’re looking for.

Huggle’s main aim is to connect like-minded souls who share a similar lifestyle. The idea being that all deep and meaningful relationships start with common ground like mutual interests and locations.

So if you’re looking to meet compatible people or just want to be nosy and see who hangs out at your regular haunts, try Huggle.