I put toilet roll on my head to eat sushi and it was amazing

Where have these useless gadgets been all our lives?

As you might have guessed from the name, we’re all about gadgets here at Gadgette, and frankly the more ridiculous, the better. So Yo Sushi’s latest venture is right up our alley: they’re dabbling in the Japanese art of ‘chindogu’, otherwise known as pointless but actually quite ingenious inventions.

I had a whole book of these as a kid, and to this day I wish the clip-on nails made of seaweed for people who like to bite their nails and get a healthy snack at the same time were real.

Yo Sushi’s gadgets are, unsurprisingly, a little more sushi-based — but they’re just as ingenious and easily as much fun.

There’s the Napkin Hat, recommended for use with a scrumptious pumpkin katsu curry:

Gadgette’s Zack pointed out that it would also be mega-useful for when you’ve got a cold:

And indeed for festivals, where you could hang out near the bogs, charge people a fiver a wipe and make a fortune.

The Wasabi Stick — like a deodorant stick of delicious wasabi, but slightly less effective:

(It did go deliciously with the salmon nigiri after we cleared up the excess, though).

The Noodle Splash Guard for your miso dumpling ramen, which keeps errant sauce from getting all up in your hair:

I want one of these for doing my makeup, I always get foundation on my hairline.

And the Noodle Cooler, which cools down your spicy udon noodles (though they’re still too spicy for me, I’m lame):

The fan was surprisingly powerful — not gonna lie, I put it in front of my face and pretended to be in a shampoo advert for a bit. Zack was less impressed, as you can see on his face: he thought it was going to get tangled in his beard. Maybe he should have worn a Noodle Splash Guard.

The gadgets are designed to be useless, but I actually found some of them pretty handy — especially the napkin hat — and more importantly, they’re really good fun. We started our meal with a good half hour of laughing at each other trying to use them. They’d be an amazing first date icebreaker (although TBH if anyone took me to Yo Sushi for our first date, I’d propose with a squid ring then and there. Keeper).

Wanna try for Yo’self?

Sadly the gadgets aren’t getting a big roll out to begin with, although hopefully they’ll prove so popular that they turn up everywhere. For now, you’ll need to go to London’s Kensington or South Bank branches, or Newcastle Grainger Street during a very specific 19th-25th March. Also you have to order from the chindogu menu. And give them back at the end (as did we… sob).

From the restaurant that brought us conveyor belts of food and actually turned it into a working business model, this is the kind of fun that keeps us coming back to Yo Sushi. Well, that and the dorayaki pancakes. Mmm.

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