5 things we want this week – heatwave edition


DEAR LORD IT’S HOT. Too hot to write a proper intro, in fact. So here are five things we want to buy this week but can’t because we’ve melted like Alex Mack.

1) Zzzap t-shirt

Summer always brings back fond memories of lazing on the sofa in the long break from school, watching 90s gold on TV and swapping Pogs. This Zzzap t-shirt took us right back to those days, and we want it. XS to XXL, £24.99, TruffleShuffle. Go on, Daisy dares you.

2) Polly Pocket bag

While we’re in the nineties nostalgia place, how amazing is this Polly Pocket bag?! It’s not as tiny as you might think: it’s more the size of a holiday special Polly Pocket than one of the normal ones, meaning you can easily fit your phone, money, and bonkers keything inside with room to spare.

It’s a slightly-painful £37.99 from those retro geniuses again, TruffleShuffle.

3) How to Survive the End of the World (When it’s in Your Own Head): An Anxiety Survival Guide

Our favourite tweeter @TechnicallyRon is back with the follow-up to his Life-Abet, which we loved: this rather gorgeous guide to life for the anxious. That’ll be all of us, then. £8.99 on Amazon.

4) Game Boy watch

Sod smartwatches. To quote Dunder Mifflin, this thing is the future because it is the past. It’s properly licensed, so not some manky knockoff that’ll stop working after two days. Best of all, it makes Super Mario Land sounds. OH GOD WE NEED IT. £19.99 from Firebox.

5) Black Panther handbag

Carry the power of Wakanda under your arm. Note: probably doesn’t include a Vibranium-powered suit inside, more’s the pity. £55.99 from EMP.

Holly Brockwell
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