QuietOn Sleep earphones make your bedroom a silent sanctuary

Even if someone snores

Once upon a time, there was this little thing called “sleep.” It was a magical, rejuvenating, nugget of time that held you in its warm, blanket-y embrace every night, gently carrying you into the next day like some low-key time machine. It was the best.

It’s also, if you’re anything like us, largely a myth these days. Whether you’re stuck living in some big city with the constant scream of construction and traffic, working long hours where payment comes more in terms of anxiety-fuelled insomnia than actual cash money, or stuck paying exorbitant rent in flat blocks made primarily of damp and misery (or, let’s face it, all three at once in the unholy cocktail we call ‘modern life’), sleep is something of a cosmic prank.

Or, at least, it was – because QuietOn are here to quite literally (maybe) change your actual life with their revolutionary new sleep headphones QuietOn Sleep.

QuietOn have made it their mission to bring a bit of quality shut-eye back into your life. Their Active Noise Cancelling Ear Plugs — which you might have seen on IndieGogo — are innovatively designed to fight back against the noisy modern world and help you to sleep once more. By combining active noise cancellation, antisnoring tech and acoustic noise attenuation (or “reduction” to you and me) their earplugs for sleeping provide portable tranquillity wherever and whenever you need it.

Screaming children on public transport? QuietOn. Neighbours arguing loudly or, ahem, furiously “dancing” in the middle of the night? QuietOn. Cornered by the office bore again as they waffle on about how Gary the Gerbil prefers lettuce to cucumber? QuietOn. Never again will you not have the means to nap when and where you bloody well please – social norms be damned!

On top of the ear plugs’ Active Noise Control (ANC) capabilities they also work via a method called Active Noise Reduction (ANR) where they produce “anti-noise” (kind of like antimatter, but for audio). On top of sounding like the kind of magic spell Thanos might use to help conquer some planet or another, anti-noise is also very nifty trick. In essence, unwanted noise is reduced by creating an opposite noise that helps to cancel it out and, thanks to QuietOn Sleep’s innovative design, all of this wizardry goes down directly in your own ear canal. Are these the best earplugs for sleeping or what?!

And as if all of that wasn’t impressive enough, QuietOn Sleep can also boast about being the world’s most powerful snoring killer with five clever functions to help guarantee that good night’s sleep:

  1. 20 hours of battery life per charge (for after particular long Friday nights maybe…);
  2. Super light weight and fully in-ear design to maximise comfort, topped off with soft earpads;
  3. Safe & friendly material for extra comfort because treat yo’self;
  4. Active Noise Cancelling optimised to cancel snoring;
  5. And Sleeping and Hearing modes which you can switch between just by tapping on the earphones (also useful if, y’know, you’re kinda bored and want to switch off a conversation. Just remember to nod every now and then).

QuietOn Original and QuietOn Sleep ear plugs aren’t available to buy just yet, but we’ll be reviewing them as soon as they’re out later this year. Until then, we’ll be sleepy and cranky as usual.

Find out more about QuietOn Sleep here.