5 things we want right freakin’ now

Don't care how, we want it now

It’s that time again. Prepare your wallet, raise your shopping arm and click, click, click.

1) Fake news stamp

One of my favourite memories ever is the time my partner came home drunk out of his head and sat down to have a very serious conversation with the cat about why she’s fake news. If I had this stamp, I could prove it.

£9.99, Firebox

2) Strobe of Genius holographic highlighters

When the sun’s shining for the five minutes a year that comprise British summer, the highlighter stick moves from nice-to-have to makeup bag essential. This one comes in a handy stick with a puntastic name, and is available in the gorgeous shades Mermaid Armour (pinky pearl) and Electric Invasion (blueish pearl).

£8 from NYX

3) Captain Picard dress

You know who’s the best Captain of the Enterprise? YOU. This officially-licensed Star Trek: The Next Generation dress from EMP is pretty enough to wear to the smartest of nerdy gatherings.

Sizes S to XXL, £41.99, EMP

4) Golden Snitch light

The only thing better than playing Quidditch for real is having your own Golden Snitch lovingly displayed in a light-up case. It plugs in via USB, is officially licensed (so you’re not ripping off the awesome JK Rowling) and unlike my childhood budgerigar, is guaranteed to never fly away.

£24.99 from Firebox

5) Sega Android smartphone controller

Sing it with me: “SEEEE-GAAAAA!

If that sound defined your childhood, you’re going to want this. It’s an official Bluetooth Sega games controller with a smartphone cradle. Combine them, and suddenly your phone is the ultimate wireless, totally portable Mega Drive. 1990s you would be sick with envy.

So will iPhone people, because right now it’s just for Android.

£29.99 for preorder at Menkind with delivery in August.

Holly Brockwell
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