Blizz by TeamViewer – taking all the pain out of videoconferences

(Terrible coworkers notwithstanding)

Video conference calls. We’ve all been there. We’ve all done them. Because – though we may wish otherwise – they’re important. Critical even. When companies are spread across nations and time-zones all around the globe, every second counts, and though it may sound as exciting as a visit to the dentist, high quality video conferencing software is an absolute must for modern businesses.

Like with anything modern and techy, there are roughly 14,000,605 (to quote Dr. Strange) video conferencing options available out there, but Blizz dares to impress above the rest.

Why Blizz?

Developed by TeamViewer, Blizz sets out to tick every box on whichever strangely specific checklist you may have for your video conferencing solutions:

  • HD video quality, because, obviously, it’s not 1999 over here
  • Conference recording designed for easy playback
  • Multi-platform support for any and all devices, including mobile and desktop, to be able to jump in or out on the go (and, crucially, meaning there are no excuses for missing that meeting)
  • 4k screen sharing functionality with multi-monitor support (useful for training, design mockup discussion and all that lovely stuff)
  • Top notch encryption security (advanced RSA 2048-bit public/private key exchange and AES 256-bit end-to-end encryption, to be precise) to keep all the meetings and file transfers completely secure
  • VoIP voice conferencing and free dial-in numbers for more than 50 countries
  • The ability to video conference with up to 300 people simultaneously (which, if nothing else, would be worth it for the chaotic hilarity)

A package for everyone

Blizz gets that businesses come in all shapes and sizes, from one-man-bands to plucky startups to international conglomerates. To that end, they have a refreshingly diverse range of pricing structures:

  • Free – a basic version suitable for individuals and small business that allows up to 5 participants with the same end-to-end encryption, 4K screen sharing, and a mobile app.
  • Core – best for slightly bigger businesses, ups the participants to 10 and adds a management portal to set privileges.
  • Crew – designed for medium to large organisations that need up to 25 video conferencing participants at a time. It features access to a 24/7 sales and support team, video conference recording and analytical reporting that shows participants’ engagement during conferences.
  • Company – the full English of video conferencing services, this option comes with all the bells and whistles and allows up to 300 people to conference and collaborate simultaneously. Hardcore.
  • More pricing info here.

If you’re a business looking for a fresh video conferencing service to streamline your workload, or a freelancer or start-up looking for an effective, efficient (and free!) way to take the next step with your business, then you’ll have a hard time doing better than Blizz.

Whether it’s for sales presentations, board meetings, design reviews, interviews, training sessions, IT support, or, y’know, a way to say “hi” to your pet when you’re off on some business trip or another, Blizz has the video conferencing system to suit your needs.

There’s a reason it’s used by 90% of Fortune 500 companies, after all.

Get Blizz free today, and thank us later.

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