Nudestix: swipe-and-go makeup for a lazy summer look

Low-maintenance beauty for summer

The world of beauty is so heavily focused on perfection: you’re supposed to have all the right tools and brushes that’ll give you that flawless, blemish and line free base, perfectly airbrushed eyes and impossibly defined lips. In that intimidating environment, Nudestix are a welcome breath of fresh air: they’re product sticks that encourage you to swipe, blend with your fingers, and go.

Nudestix crayons are full of colour with different purposes depending on what you go for.  There are lip and cheek pencils and eye pencils, both of which are available in various shades, formulas and finishes depending on what takes your fancy, but there are also All Over Face Colour sticks, which are thicker and available in matte or glow finishes, plus there are Nudies Tinted Blur Sticks which are kind of like their take on foundation.

The main thing is that there’s nothing too OTT and everything feels very gentle and blurred, so perfect for travel as these are the sort of formulas that work really well in balmy weather.

There are palette-style collections available that contain a selection of shades following different themes, plus there are designed sets for achieving specific looks, such as the Smokey Eye Set.  They’ve recently launched the Pick A Palette, which allows you to build a selection of six products from both the Magnetic Eye Colours and the Intense Matte Lip & Cheek Pencils to create a bespoke set for £60, which is half price.  This is a great way to introduce yourself to the products by ensuring you start off with a set of colours that you know you’ll use.

The Pick A Palette is a Harvey Nichols exclusive, plus Nudestix are also available at Cult Beauty.

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