IDentity lingerie is freakin’ gorgeous

Especially on models like these.

My school’s debate club once proposed that bras should be on the NHS. There was much nodding and shouting “too right” until someone on the opposing side shot the whole thing down in one sentence:

“Imagine NHS bras though.”


Granted, some days you just want something to hoik up the girls and be done with it, but beautiful underwear is one of the most magical things about being female.

And I’ve just discovered a new favourite.

The lovely people at IDentity Lingerie sent me a couple of pieces to try, including the sultry all-lace dressing gown of my dreams:

And this wonderful piece of boob architecture:

(Matching pants here).

They’re beautiful, well-made, and comfortable. But so are lots of undies. The reason I love IDentity is that they’re all about the body positivity.

Take a look at some of their recent Instagram posts:

Beautiful, un-airbrushed women loving their bodies — and yes, that includes skinny model types, because they’re “real women” too.

IDentity Lingerie do sizes XS to XXL and the return window is a generous 30 days. Plus, as I can attest, they’re just really nice people.

Take a look here and let me know on Twitter what you get.

The first two products mentioned in this post were gifted to me by IDentity Lingerie.

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