Lorica makes badass women’s clothes inspired by armour

There goes all our gold.

We love our geeky women’s clothing here at Gadgette, as you might imagine. So when Lorica Clothing dropped into our inboxes, it was <3 at first sight.

Described as “a line of sustainable fashion for your hardcore history-loving heart. Perfect for LARPers, cosplayers, and the geek community looking for everyday cosplay,” Lorica is right up our nerdy street.

The site has designs inspired by chainmail, damask and other such medieval delights, plus a new range inspired by Henry VIII.

A few of our favourites:

The Henry VIII Skater Dress, $72 (about £60):

The Maille Sports Bra, $61 (about £50):

The Sackville Leggings, $72 (about £60):

Pretty amazing, no?

Another reason we love Lorica (Latin for body armour, if you were wondering) is that they have a large range of sizes including specially-made plus size variants of their clothes.

Even better, everything’s made from recycled material, with about 25 plastic bottles going into one pair of leggings.

Check out the full range on the Lorica Clothing website. And yes, they ship to the UK — possibly on actual ships.

All images: Lorica Clothing

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