Affiliate links

We use affiliate links across the Gadgette website. This means every time we post a link to a retailer, the software we use automatically converts it into an affiliate link, which gives us revenue whenever someone clicks through from our site and purchases anything.

We use this revenue to pay our writers and keep Gadgette going. It also helps us use fewer ads, and that’s good for everyone.

PR samples and services

PR companies often provide us with products and services to review. For instance, they might give us a phone handset for review, or pay for us to have lunch at a restaurant to test a dining app.

This is common practice and does not in any way skew our writeup of the product or service. There have been many times we’ve written negative reviews of things provided by PR companies, because it’s our job to be honest. The provision of products and services is only so we can actually write about things – if we had to buy every phone we wanted to review, we’d be out of business in a week.

If you have any questions about anything on this page, please email us.