It’s called People With Awesome Jobs

That’s not me in the photo. She’s being interviewed about her amazing job as Director of Atoms, or something.

One of my favourite features of Gadgette is the Women With Awesome Jobs series, in which we interview amazing ladies doing incredible things in tech, science and related fields. We’ve talked to the VP of Amazon Alexa, the amazing sextech entrepreneur Cindy Gallop, Bumble founder Whitney Wolfe, and lots of less-famous but equally-amazing career women.

I’m SO excited to announce that together with publisher Kogan Page, I’m turning the series into a book called People With Awesome Jobs.

Which means I want to talk to people — not just women — with interesting, nerdy jobs of all kinds. And I need your help.

Nominate someone with an awesome job

I’ve got loads of ideas for people with cool jobs to talk to, but of course many of them are friends-of-friends and people within my London tech bubble. I want the book to be more global, more wide-ranging, and as maximally inspiring to all kinds of people as it can possibly be. So I’d like your nominations.

The aims of the book are:

  • To educate people about cool jobs they had no idea existed
  • To show humans from all backgrounds that people like them can and do succeed in tech
  • To inspire readers to follow their dream — even if they’ve only just decided on it.

So, to that end, I’m especially (but not exclusively) looking for:

  • People from diverse backgrounds. Eg people who didn’t go to uni, people who didn’t study tech or worked in another field for a while, LGBT folks, people from all over the world (especially from places where the tech industry isn’t well-established or well-known), people with health conditions or disabilities or who aren’t neurotypical, people who are much older or younger than your typical tech worker, and so on.
  • People who’ve overcome something major to be where they are — be that a personal life event, adverse circumstances, health problems or just a fiendish case of impostor syndrome.
  • People in jobs and fields adjacent to tech that aren’t necessarily technical.

And yes, you absolutely can and absolutely should nominate yourself.

A few caveats

Nominees will need to speak English — not perfectly, but at least enough to answer questions in detail. I know this isn’t ideal when looking for global interviewees but with my workload I can’t offer translated interviews yet.

Interviews can be by phone, email, Skype, in person — whatever works.

I’m usually drowning in emails so I might not reply. That doesn’t mean I haven’t put your suggestion in the “MUST INTERVIEW” folder, it just takes me a while to get to things sometimes. I read all the nominations and appreciate them hugely.

Though it’s not just Women With Awesome Jobs, I still want lots of women, obviously.

The job doesn’t have to be technical or specifically in tech — but it does need to be tangentially related somehow (eg gaming). For instance, an IP lawyer specialising in biotech inventions would be fine.

Big-name tech companies are great, but so are startups, less-obvious firms, lone entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Let’s do this!

It’s mega-easy to nominate people: just email me with PWAJ (it’s pronounced pee-wadge, which sounds vaguely rude) in the subject line.

Please tell me as much as you can about the person and their job, any cool stories we can tell about them to inspire people (overcoming obstacles and such), anything that’s not traditionally “tech” about them, and so on. If you have their contact details, those are useful too, but you can nominate people you don’t know or don’t have an email for.

And again, you absolutely can nominate yourself. You rock, after all.

Main photo courtesy of the amazing WOCinTechChat