Meet Pixy, The Microdrone Next Door

In a world where content production is becoming a mainstream generator of revenue, the creators of Snapchat have given us Pixy to capture epic footage and images without having to break the bank.

Just when we thought we had seen it all, Snap Inc. (the creators of Snapchat) went ahead and created a state of the art microdrone. Coupled with its affordable price tag of only $250, personal drones may hit mainstream channels much quicker than we expected.

Pixy is specifically designed to upload images and video footage directly into the Snapchat app. As the world continues to embrace digital innovations, it’s easy to see how such a device could be a big hit across all ages on a global scale. Not only can it enhance the kind of content you can create but it’s also extremely easy to use which is a vital bonus.

The Pixy is an exciting and promising invention, although consumers have already begun raising questions pertaining to the privacy around using one of these nifty gadgets. Can a Pixy be hacked? Can a Pixy be tracked? Is a licence required to use one freely? In many countries across the world, the use of drones is still illegal because of some of the privacy issues earlier mentioned. Despite this though, Snap is adamant that their Pixy is the beginning of a new wave of content creation and we can’t wait to see how this innovation affects the mainstream markets in due course.

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