Now, anyone may use Twitter Circle to hide some posts

All users now have access to Twitter Circle, a tool that enables you to tweet just to a specific group of people. Before a wider release, the platform initially began testing the feature in May among "chosen people."

Like Instagram's "close friends" feature, which allows you to share your posts with a smaller set of people, Twitter Circle will enable you to do the same. Whether they follow you, you can add up to 150 people to your Circle on Twitter. In addition, you can select to share a tweet with your Circle rather than the entire Twitterverse when you wish to send it out.

When you open the tweet composer, the option to share to your Circle will be visible. Select Circle after selecting the dropdown menu in the composer's top right corner. You can choose who you want in your Circle by hitting the Edit button that displays next to the option. No notifications will be sent to users when you add or remove them from your Circle. But posts posted to your Circle will have a highlighted badge that says, "Only individuals in @[usernameTwitter ]'s Circle can see this tweet."I

Image: Twitter

The function might give users a little more privacy control without keeping their accounts secret. However, the community rules of the platform still apply to the content shared with your Circle, and it also doesn't preclude other users from screenshotting your posts.

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