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Researchers think that new technologies may provide hope for persons with impairments. With spinal stimulation, a stroke survivor could move her hand and arm for the first time in nine years.


Ai-Da Robot has made news for painting celebrities such as the Queen, Billie Eilish, and Paul McCartney. She testified before the House of Lords during an investigation into technology and creativity.


In the first five months of this year, UK start-ups raised more money than they will in the entire year of 2020.


Quantum computers are known for speed, accuracy and incredible problem-solving capabilities that regular computers can't take on. The British ministry of defense has acquired its first quantum computer and will be working with Ocra computing to fully harness the technology for defense.


Experts have redesigned missing people signs and billboards, using science and technology to make them more memorable.


The use of artificial intelligence neural networks to diagnose diseases and personalise medicine will revolutionise the whole hospital system

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